About BugNabit

The BugNabit device was designed to make bug elimination as simple as possible. In just seconds, you can catch and dispose of any unwanted insect without the mess or stress. Our patent pending "no stick" design allows the BugNabit to grab the bug and not stick to the floor or wall. Our compact size allows for easy storage and with our twist and lock extension pole you can get to those hard to reach places.

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Our Guarantee

If our product does not catch and kill a scorpion, spider, coachroach or any type of bug you have , We will completely refund your entire purchase. The Bugnabit was originally designed to handle dangerous bugs like scorpions and spiders, but after extensive testing we found that the bugnabit works great on just about any bug your home or office could have. This is why we have an absolute 100% guarantee...

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Catch and Kill These Bugs

With BugNabit you can catch the following types of bugs with out ever touching them!
Palmetto Bugs

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How Easy is BugNabit?

Watch the video to the right and see just how easy it is to Nab a bug without EVER touching one!